Mission Statement

Coatings Science International Conference aims to be the leading European Conference on the Science and Technology of Coatings. By creating strong international bonds and by inviting top-notch speakers from around the world, we create a high-quality platform for free exchange of scientific knowledge between both academic and industrial scientists, which will strengthen the innovation power of the global coatings community.

Just another Coatings Conference?

Where other Conferences primarily try to reach a broad public and focus on commercial applications of new technologies, this Conference intends to focus on the scientific backgrounds of the newest technological developments relevant to Coatings. Coatings Science International breathes the atmosphere of a Gordon-type conference, reminiscent of the famous Athens Coatings Conferences (1974-2003) which preceded CoSI.

High-quality speakers, ample time for scientific discussions, and many opportunities to establish rewarding contacts in a pleasant atmosphere, are Conference values we want to uphold. For this purpose we keep the conference attendees number up to a max. of 120, we have extended slot-times for the presentations, relaxed coffee breaks and a social program-afternoon, with an organized local activity, at the beach or  the neighboring Dutch towns.

In the end of the Conference, we like to go home with rewarding feelings from sharing our knowledge in the Coatings field, discussing and learning with experts and peers, making new professional acquaintances and also meet good friends!